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How to avoid cavities this Halloween

October 30th, 2015

Rather than stressing this Halloween on how to limit the consumption of candy our children will want to eat, lets put into practice these simply oral health-care tips and see how our children can enjoy their treats while maintaining their teeth free from cavities.

1. Treats are not bad when eaten in moderation. What does this mean? Well, it means allowing your children to have a sugary treat for short period of time, not on a daily basis.
2. Allow your children to have a treat after meal times. Why after mealtimes? well, there is a larger amount of saliva produced during this time which in return can protect your kid’s teeth by washing down the sugar off their teeth. You can also have your children drink a glass of water right after.
3. After your child eats his/her sugary treat have them brush and floss their teeth. If your child doesn’t have his/her toothbrush have them rinse their mouth with water.
4. Beware of sticking candy. These treats tend to remain in the mouth for longer periods of time. So when your child brings all the treats he/she has collected during Halloween, something you might want to do is sort out the candy. Any candy such as lollipops, tootsie rolls or toffee, swap them out for maybe stickers, small party favors, or Halloween theme pencils.
5. Establish days and times when your children will be allowed to enjoy a treat. Place all candy in a seal container out of reach and sight from your children.

If we implement these few tips during the Halloween festivities, our children will be able to enjoy their treats and we can be less stressed about our children eating too many sugary treats.